Bruce offers an array of different magic show entertainment programs to meet the needs of most performing situations including banquets, meetings, and parties, to performances used in conjunction with advertising, promotions, and fundraising. Whether it be for Dallas Magic or other Texas Magic performance destinations,  all of  Magic by Bruce Chadwick's programs are guaranteed to be clean, modern fun, full of laughter and excitement. All presentations are suitable for family audiences.


This incredible illusion extravaganza is a full-scale professional theatrical production filled with classic magic tricks and larger stage illusions such as the sword box and floating a lady in the air. This unique illusion spectacle is a lively combination of fast-paced magic and music, comedy talk routines, whimsical volunteer situations, and elegant stage illusions.

This 3-4 person family magic show uses over two and a half tons of equipment. It is designed to be performed on stages or in churches, gymnasiums, banquet halls, hotel ballrooms or other venues that can be set-up in stage-like environments.

The program can be completely self-contained with lights, a sound system, and even free-standing curtains for use in situations that require them. This is Magic by Bruce Chadwick's premier magic illusion program. All the illusions and effects used during the show were built by the studios of Chadwick Illusion Fabrications.


This exceptional entertainment program consists of a one-person 45 minute long comedy magic performance suitable for any type of audience. This family show has taken Bruce literally years to perfect with the timing, flow, and continuity of the program being tight and exact, never failing to completely captivate any audience.

The show is filled with intricate sleight-of-hand, unique legerdemain, original magic tricks, and participation with volunteers from the audience. This program provides the ultimate in mobility and can easily be flown to performance destinations.

Also available is the BANQUET COMBINATION. This  includes one performance of the COMEDY STAND-UP MAGIC SHOW plus a full hour of CLOSE-UP SLEIGHT-OF-HAND magic (see below). The close-up performances are usually performed one-on-one with guests as they arrive and during the hospitality time before dinner. The COMEDY STAND-UP MAGIC SHOW is then presented as the after-dinner entertainment. This combination is the ideal banquet entertainment package.


This is magic performed up close. It is sometimes called "street magic," strolling magic, or walk-around magic. From magic card tricks to original magic tricks, this form of entertainment is ideal for restaurants, pre-banquet entertainment, and environments where magic needs to be performed intimately with guests.

Many companies use Bruce's close-up sleight-of-hand for sales seminars, hospitality suites, or in their tradeshow booths to draw attention to their products and services.

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