A distinctive that sets Magic by Bruce Chadwick apart from competitors is the fact that Bruce is a talented speaker, communicator, and presenter. He has the ability to use magic tricks and build special programs around any topic or theme to convey information, data, advertising, product messages and so forth. Here are a few examples.


Each year Bruce represents an array of various companies at their trade show booths, conventions, special sales promotions and campaigns. His is an expert at devising special magic effects and routines around company products and services.

Bruce can combine magic effects with sales tactics, relate general merchandising information, and help establish public relations. Using an array of magic tricks, card tricks, and original sleight-of-hand, illusions are the perfect vehicle to stop spectators at the trade show booth and communicate company messages in unusual and exciting ways!

What do the companies listed below have in common? These are but a few of the hundreds of corporations and organizations that Bruce has entertained and worked with over the past 30 years. Bruce is recognized as a true expert in providing the finest in entertainment services for business and industry.


For school assembly prgroams, PTA and PTO meeting, Bruce provides an array of educational programs. His Don't be Fooled! magic drug prevention programs are dynamite school assembly presentations. These "no use" educational presentations relate basic drug information such as the proper definition of drugs and the ramifications of drug use. More than just reminders to say no, these programs also address ways to develop healthy decision making and refusal skills. All messages are consistent with the guidelines of state and federal recommendations, as well as the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy. Click HERE to download a flyer in PDF format.

"Know to Say No" program teachs students basic refusal skills, helps them develop positive self-esteem, and learn how to make good decisions. Bruce also  has special programs on safety, issues anti-bullying, and environmental topics.

Bruce is also in high demand for library summer reading programs. His
Magic of Reading show delights children and adults alike, while providing encouragement about the need to develop good reading skills and habits.


In addition to his work entertaining the corporate, business, and private sectors, Bruce is also a committed Christian. For churches and church related events, Bruce has programs that integrate the elements of illusion and mystery,  and gives personal testimony about his life-changing experience with Christianity. Please see www.illusionministry.com for more information about these unique church programs.


People are sometimes amazed that with all his corporate and organization work, Bruce still finds time to entertain children. The explanation is simple; Bruce loves kids! He performed his first birthday party show when he was only eight years old, and entertaining children with birthday party magic shows was a primary way he helped pay for college!

Now over 30 years later, Bruce can still bring his fame and world-wide performing experience to family parties and children's events. For more information about his work as a birthday party magician, click

A simple one-page flyer in PDF format can be downloaded from this link that will overview the Children's Magic Birthday Party Package.

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