Bruce Chadwick is a Comedy Magician, Illusionist, and Sleight-of-Hand Artist who performs regularly in Dallas, Texas. His clean magic shows are full of mystery and intrigue for audiences of all ages. In addition to performing  for DFW metroplex and Texas magic circles, Magician Bruce Chadwick has traveled extensively throughout the United States and has performed numerous times in Europe and southeast Asia.

Bruce's unique blend of original magic tricks and illuson effects puts him in high demand for Dallas Magic and Fort Worth Magic circles. He performs frequently in other Texas and Oklahoma areas as well including Austin, Houston, Abilene, Waco, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Midland, Odessa, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Magic by Bruce Chadwick performances are great for banquets, meetings, and parties, and for advertising, promotions and fundraising. His family-oriented magic shows are full of laughter and excitement, and are great for both family parties and family events.

". . . a leading performer in the world of illusion."


" . . . one of the most skilled sleight-of-hand
artists in the world today."


"A master of the impossible . . . ."


 "An expert in the field of illusion mechanics."


Bruce has been performing comedy illusion programs as his fulltime vocation since 1980, and he has over 5000 show performances under his belt. As a professional entertainment firm that specializes in the performance of magic illusion shows for virtually any type of group, Bruce has an established reputation of providing the finest in corporate and family entertainment. Bruce provides entertainment and marketing representation for companies at their trade show booths, conventions, special sales promotions and advertising campaigns. Click on the "Specialty" button for more information.

Bruce is also in high demand for family events, birthday parties, and special occasions such as anniversaries, wedding receptions, family reunions, graduation parties and end of school celebrations.

For schools and school assembly programs, Bruce provides what he calls
Educational Entertainment. The is the use of magic shows that have instructional themes such as his Know to Say No program to teach students how to make good decisions, learn basic refusal skills, and help them develop positive self-esteem.

He also provides a exceptional program called
Don't be Fooled!, a presentation parallel to federal National Drug Control Policy standards to warn students about the dangers of alcohol and other drug abuse.

Libraries frequently use Bruce's
The Magic of Reading program to inspire people to read and promote literacy.



This is to express our deep appreciation for the excellent show you presented at our Savings Bond kick off.  You are a very professional entertainer. Your act was extremely funny, enjoyable, and certainly you made our program the  success it was. We heartily recommend you. Thank you again for your participation.

Roberta Campbell,

You are a true miracle worker in so many ways. Over the years, I have admired your calm, professional presence. I really envy your great manner. The way in which you were able to handle talent, the union crews and this producer was just amazing.

R. G. Smith, Show Producer

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Bruce Chadwick

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